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Say goodbye to fake reviews online...

Did you know?

  • Dodgy businesses create fake profiles
  • They rubbish their competitors and praise themselves
  • There is a growing market selling fake reviews
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...say hello to reliable recommendations

TrustMyTribe solves this

  • Word-of-mouth recommendations made easy
  • Connect with people you actually know
  • Easily store and share recommendations
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It's easy with

1Search for people you know
2“Trust” to add them to your Tribe
3See what they recommend
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  • First screenshot
    1Search for people you know
  • Second Screenshot
    2“Trust” to add them to your Tribe
  • Third screenshot
    3See what they recommend

Help us expand & improve!

TrustMyTribe is now available as an iPhone app with limited trial functionality. It works a treat for our group of friends and we have tons of ideas about how to make it better, however we’d still love to hear your suggestions!

If you have some spare $ to invest in making the product better, e-mail me. I’d love to give up my day job and make TrustMyTribe the go-to place for reliable recommendations.